5 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Writing a Book


Do you have many great ideas that make you wonder if they could be successful as a book? Even if your mind is full of ideas, starting to write is a difficult thing.

I remember all the times when ideas were flowing through my mind, but I did not know how to start the writing process. Not only did I really like writing my thoughts, but I was also loving the actual writing and reading the chapters once they were done.

Whether you want to write a book because you are full of ideas or because you need money, you need to take some steps to do it. The information below can help you write a book in an easy and nice way.

Find a Reason

It’s important to know why you want to write a book in the first place. Some people want to share their ideas, promote their business, or make money. Yes, there are going to be days when you don’t feel like writing. Still, whenever you need motivation, it’s good to have a reason to motivate you to continue the writing process. This way, you might forget about the nightmares you have about writing who knows how many pages.

Find the Main Idea

Before you start writing, you need to find the main subject of a book. Imagine it like planting a seed: it’s a small thing, and if you water it, it grows into a beautiful flower. It’s the same with writing. You find the main idea of the book, and then link other ideas to it, until it becomes a masterpiece.

Finding a subject may be hard, though. There are many things you can start from. For example, knowing where the action takes place, the general plot, and many others.

Make a Writing Plan

Making a plan helps you organize your time and writing in a better way. First of all, you need to think about how many words you want your book to have. Make a schedule on the calendar and determine how many words you are going to write each day.

Another thing you could do is organize the plot. Choose a structure for the book and plan the most important plot points. Imagine the environment the action takes place in. Think about the characters and develop them. Having a good outline for your characters will make the writing easier for you.

Reward Yourself

Writing makes you feel very lonely sometimes. It occupies a lot of your time and it makes you stop socializing. Your friends and family might not like the fact that you are isolating yourself and writing too much. So, it’s better to make some time for them, and this is where the writing plan comes in handy.

Because of the things you endure to finish your book, you should reward yourself. If you succeed in writing a certain number of words, give yourself a treat. It is going to motivate you to continue and finish the book much easier.

Find your Place

You don’t have to isolate yourself in your room until the book is finished. You can go to a park, a restaurant, or whatever makes you feel happy. It is important for the place to be different than the room where you are usually doing your other activities. Moreover, a special place can give you more ideas.

Final Thoughts

Publishing a book is not impossible. It may be hard at first, but by following the steps given above, you can become a successful author. Now, it is time to start writing your book!