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My name is Jinna, I am 38 years old and I work as a 4th-grade teacher at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Annapolis. That`s where I might have ended a list of my accomplishments but for my students.

A few years ago I made up my mind to become a writer as I wanted to prove to my students that it`s never too late to make your dreams come true. I didn`t plan to publish more than one book but out of a sudden two weeks after finishing the first story I found myself working on the next one. At this point, I have published two books for kids (“Cherry Pie” and “Whale That Traveled To Australia”) and am not going to stop as yet. My life has changed drastically and now I feel like inspiring others to change their lives for better as well.

The blog you are reading is my way to do it. Its main purpose to help people from all walks of life to become successful authors. Here I will share my own experience of becoming a writer, describe step by step what I was doing at the beginning and how I made myself start. I will also give you some tips and tricks you might find useful and offer insights into the very process of turning your manuscript into a best-selling book. But before you get down to business I should warn you that it won`t be a story of getting easy fame and money. It`s more of ‘per Aspera ad Astra’ kind of story. So, sharpen your pencils and charge the laptops. We`re getting started!