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Anna had never believed in life on other worlds...
until she discovered the truth...
and her world was changed forever!

About Classic Romance Revival


Classic Romance Revival - Why, What, Who and How

Classic Romance Revival exists to re-establish and grow classic romance as a popular genre in today’s world.  With the widening of the Romance “umbrella” to include many different romantic genres, “classic romance” has become something of a “niche” market, although there are still many readers and writers who still subscribe to the traditional romance values.  We aim to bring these groups together with publishers of classic romance, to work together to promote the genre by creating a place that specializes in romance that incorporates the traditional while at the same time allowing for the diversity that exists among our members.


Our Core Philosophy

Classic Romance Revival has a primary focus on romance that falls within the broad definition of “classic” (or traditional). We do, however, respect the fundamental right of others to read, and write, any romance genre of their choosing and trust that they will extend us the same courtesy. With this in mind, we are committed - as individuals and as a group - to comfortably co-exist beside authors of other romance genres, and do not in any way support judgemental attitudes or the denigration through any kind of vilification or personal attack on others, be they groups or individuals, who do not necessarily share with our preferences.


What to expect from Classic Romance Revival

Having said all that, we also feel we need to be clear and transparent about what we stand for, and what you can expect from this site and any others that are part of our Revival.  Because our focus is on traditional romance,  you will not find any erotic or menage romance, homosexual, bi-sexual or transgender romances.  While we do have some authors within our group who write in these genres, they are wholly comfortable with the understanding that Classic Romance Revival does not permit promotion of these books, either directly or through personal signature links, etc. So what will you find?  "Classic" romance which upholds the values of commitment, loyalty, lasting love and, of course, Happily-Ever-After.



CRR Category Ratings

We are fortunate to have a wide diversity of authors affiliated with the group, and are able to offer a full spectrum of romance genres encompassing contemporary, broad historical, western, fantasy, time travel, regency… To simplify things, all our work is “heat-rated” according to three basic categories, Sweet, Sensual and Sophisticated.

Sweet Romance - This denotes gentle romance, with no sensual or sexual overtones or intimacy, either literal or implied.

Sensual Romance - In this category you will find more intense romance, with a strong sensual exploration and greater intimacy; total intimacy may be implied but is not described.

Sophisticated Romance - This may contain intimately explicit scenes, providing that: a) these are handled with sensitivity and are not graphically descriptive; b) scenes do not use language or description that lie within the erotic domain; c) the inclusion of the scene is essential to the storyline and is not included simply for the sake of sensationalism; d) intimacy occurs within the context of classic romance values, i.e. commitment, loyalty, love and happily ever after (either stated or implied).


Classic Promotions
This website offers advertising and promotional opportunities to all authors and publishers of sweet, sensual or sophisticated Classic Romance and within a broad range of sub-genres.  Our rates are kept as low as possible to make marketing affordable to everyone, and Affiliated Authors receive special discounted rates.  This makes it possible for you to "design your own" packages to suit your needs and your budget.  Visit our Classic Promotions page for rates and information, and watch this website for details of our Classic Promotions packages - just another service we have planned to work with you to re-establishing and growing Classic Romance as a genre to be proud of!
 A Story about Love, and its power to heal and set free..