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The woman Rowan has captured says she loves him. 
Does he dare to trust again.  
Professional Reviews: "This is adventure of the highest order..."
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CRR and Funding


 CRR is, by choice, not a "commercial" venture.  We do not charge our Affiliates any fees for memberships, and rely on donations for contest prizes, etc.  Even our advertising rates are competitive, and Affiliates receive even lower rates. 

While some Affiliates have offered donations to assist with costs, for which we are very grateful, Advertising and our Bookstores generate funds needed to cover the costs of designing, hosting and maintaining the site. Purchasing your books through our Bookstores will help us to help you grow Classic Romance.

Classic Romance Revival Bookstore


Why a CRR Bookstore?

Very simple really... our goal is to establish, promote and grow the Classic Romance Genre in the romance industry, and what better way than to create a platform where the reader Classic Romance Reader, can purchase "classic" romance directly on site.  We would also like to offer within our bookstore all kinds of romance - historical, suspense, regency, fantasy, time travel, westerns.... and all of them "Classic"!

Our store is currently being upgraded to a fully-fledge buy site.  this will include the following features:

  • Listing fees at very appealing rates for both authors and publishers
  • Purchase through 2Checkout (stringent verification and anti-fraud checks - excellent protection for both clients and customers, exceptional service 24/7.
  • Protection of products listed on these pages is ensured by integrating our purchase process with download security and protection - the system has been tested to ensure it's efficiency
  • Both publishers and authors may register to upload their e-books on this site, but please note the conditions below.  If you are interested in being part of our bookstore, please click on the relevant link below (either the author or the publisher link) to register with us. Once your registration is approved, you will receive details on listing your products, etc.
  • Registered clients will be able to upload their own products to this site.  We do, however, reserve the right to check products before final listing in the bookstore.  (For two reasons:  one, to ensure the products fall within our categories of "sweet, sensual and sophisticated"; and two, to ensure that all products are listed by the authorised owner / distributor).

 .  If you are interested in being part of our bookstore, please visit our Publisher or Author Costs (links also in the right sidebar) and register with us.  We will then provide you with further information.





Bookstore Terms and Conditions


  • Both authors and publishers will be required to verify that they are the legal owners and distributors of the products in question.  This is a requirement of 2Checkout's verification process and is not negotiable.  It is also in your interests to provide this to ensure that no-one else lists your products for sale on this site.
  • Payments are made every quarter, calculated from the date on which this store becomes live and not on the date the products are listed.  To clarify, should you list products during a quarter, payment will be made for products purchased in that quarter at the end of the quarter and will not be held back until the next quarter.  You will be provided with quarter dates as soon as these have been finalised.
  • Payment will be made within two weeks from the closing date of the relevant quarter.  This is to allow for the relevant anti-fraud and payment clearance processes in place at 2Checkout.
  • Clients will be provided with a full report on sales at each payment.  These are drawn from sales recorded directly at 2Checkout and are therefore an independent and accurate reflection of actual sales and payments received.
  • In order to ensure that no products are listed on this site without the legal right to do so, all clients will be required to provide us with a date on which the product rights expire.  To clarify:  if you, as a publisher, have the rights to a book until 31st May 2014, you must provide us with this date on the input form when uploading your product. This will set an automatic expiration date, and send us a notification to this effect.
  • Should authors wish to list books for which the rights have reverted to them following the end of a publishing contract, they will be required to provide us with proof of ownership.  They will also need to take into account that the cover of the books is copyrighted to the publisher.  This means that, prior to listing the book on this site they will need to provide an alternative cover, or permission from the publisher concerned that the cover may be used.
  • Should a client wish to withdraw their books from this site, a written notice period of 30 days to this effect is required.  Such notice shall run from the first day of any month until the last day of that month, i.e. it may not run from mid-month to mid-month.  This is to facilitate the easy processing of all outstanding payments.
Visit our Classic Promotions & Adverts Page for information on our affordable promotion packages.  Click here for a quick link.

Author Costs

To list your books on this site, you must be able to provide proof that you own all rights (i.e. including distribution rights) to the books in question.  You will also need to provide a new cover or permission from your publisher to use the existing one.

Note:  Authors receive reduced rates for listing their books.  If you do not have the e-book formats for your book(s) we are able to assist with creating these on your behalf as per the costs below.

  • CRR charges 15% of nett sales for books listed on this site (nett represents the balance of the sale price once payment processing fees have been deducted.  (You will be provided with detailed sales reports each quarter)
  • To create e-books, you will be charged $10.00 per e-book format (details provided on request).  Note:  you wil need to provide us with the "master" document in Word doc or rtf format
  • CRR is also able to assist with cover creation.  Price may be negotiated on request.

Publisher Costs

To list your books on this site, you must be able to provide proof that you own all rights (i.e. including distribution rights) to the books in question.  You will also need to provide the expiration date of such rights for each product

  • 75% of nett sales (nett=after C20 costs have been deducted, i.e. 5.5% of the transaction total, plus $0.45) will go to the Publisher.  In other words, our “fee” would be 25%.
  • Over and above this, in conjunction with the bookstore, I am offering a “monthly promo subscription” at $7 per month.  This is entirely optional, and if you choose to go with this we then include the month’s new releases in loops promo – “coming next month” and “now released”.

Classic Promotions
This website offers advertising and promotional opportunities to all authors and publishers of sweet, sensual or sophisticated Classic Romance and within a broad range of sub-genres.  Our rates are kept as low as possible to make marketing affordable to everyone, and Affiliated Authors receive special discounted rates.  This makes it possible for you to "design your own" packages to suit your needs and your budget.  Visit our Classic Promotions page for rates and information, and watch this website for details of our Classic Promotions packages - just another service we have planned to work with you to re-establishing and growing Classic Romance as a genre to be proud of!
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