A "new" market for "Classic" Romance

In the course of our travels, CRR has come across a lot of readers who yearn for the "romance classics", the books they started out on and which inspired their love for romance as a genre.  We'd like to meet that need, and that is the impetus behind our "Bookstore Classics".  Our bookstore is currently undergoing a major revamp which will upgrade us to an actual buy site, and within that parameter we have made a special place for those special "romance classics"
If you have e-books that are no longer represented by a particular publisher, i.e. if the full rights have reverted back to you, the author, and would like to list your books for sale in our bookstore, we'd love to hear from you.  If you have previously published print books, and would like to release these as e-books, we'd love to hear from you as well.  Or perhaps you're self-published and are looking for other marketing places...
Note:  CRR is not a publisher.  Nor are we a vanity press.  We are also not a "second-hand" book site.  We are simply looking to promote "classic romance" by providing an opportunity for authors to market previously released work.  We will assist you with creating the correct ebook formats and uploading them for sale on our site free of charge.  We will handle the payments on your behalf and provide your with full sales records. We will not charge a "bookstore" fee, but will charge a small fee of 15% of nett sales (after 2 Checkout processing fees). Also, we are currently only looking at e-book sales, but will explore  print options should we find the demand sufficient to warrant this.
It is essential that you are able to provide proof that you retain the full rights to the books in question.  No material will be accepted for sale without this, as we will not leave ourselves open to recourse for infringement of any copyright, publishing and distribution rights or other rights whatsoever.  You will also be required to sign a document to this effect prior to acceptance.  CRR prides itself of being open and transparent and on conducting itself with a high level of integrity and a respect for the rights of others.
Finally, CRR only accepts material that falls within our categories of sweet, sensual or sophisticated.  If uncertain, please visit our About Us page for clarity.
If you are interested, please email us at:
admin@classicromance revival.com
  Please put "Bookstore Classics" in the subject line.
We look forward to hearing from you!