The Pirate and The Puritan by Mary Clayton
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Book Title: The Pirate and The Puritan
Author: Mary Clayton
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Publication Date:
Genre: Historical
Series: 2007
Available In: E-book and Print
CRR Heat Level: Sensual
Reviewer: Kim Graham
Review Score: 5 Wings
On the way to live with her brother, the ship Mercy is on is attacked by pirates. Being the only woman and a mute aboard a pirate ship, Mercy find herself in the hands of the Captain. Thrown into a life of piracy that he really never wanted, Edmund is entranced by Mercy at first sight. To protect her from the other crew members he claims her for himself, but to save her from him he sets her free. As time passes, Edmund is captured and is set to hang. Mercy hears this news and, believing she is doing the Christian thing, sets out to try and give Edmund a chance of freedom. She travels a great distance and goes through many obstacles to save him. Believing that Mercy deserves a better life than she could have with him, he leaves her to try and build the respectable life he has always wanted. After a time, when Mercy believes that a life of spinsterhood is all she will have, she is accused by the Minister of stealing from her family and of witchcraft. She is punished and tortured for her supposed sins. Through a few town folk who believe Mercy does not deserve this, word finally gets out to Edmund. He is furious when he hears and goes to save her from a certain death. Over time, circumstances bring Edmund and Mercy together. Their love is such a strong bond between them that, even though love brings them together, it also separates them too. What an adventure this very enjoyable book took me on. While reading The Pirate and the Puritan, my imagination took me to another place and time. The description was great. I could actually picture the captain’s cabin on the ship. The inclusion of all the history of this time period reveals that Ms. Clayton did a lot of research for this book. Even though you can tell that Mercy and Edmund belong together, they had to go through so much in their lives to be able to get what they really want, and this was amazing. Mercy was such a strong character. To be a woman and a mute in this time period, life was very harsh for her, and to still go out and do what she believes is the right thing to do and not let anyone stop her, takes a lot of will power and strength.


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