The Fair Amazon by Janis Susan May
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Book Title: The Fair Amazon
Author: Janis Susan May
Publisher: Awestruck Books
Publication Date: May 2009
ISBN: 9781587491702
Pages: 140
Genre: Historical
Series: None
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Melissa
Review Score: 4 Wings
Living in Regency England, Miss Georgina Montcalm was on the shelf as far as Polite Society was concerned, or almost there. She was twenty-three and had waited all this time for her one love to come back from the war to marry her. Five years ago, Sir Trevor Longchamps, before leaving for the war on the Peninsula, promised to marry her in so many words. Now he was back in her life, and in love with another woman. Going out riding to morn her lost love, she saves a young man and his friend, earning young Garrick Courtland’s undying love. Hearing of some of Georgina’s actions in the county her Godmother, a lady of high standing, sends for her to come to London for the rest of the Season. Seeing as how her lands were entailed and therefore going to a distant cousin in American, who was on his way to claim them, she agrees to go to London. Mr. Thomas Montcalm shows up there, and though he is morning his young wife who recently died, he falls in love with her courage and spirit in keeping her family home and lands. So, young Miss Montcalm goes from no suitors to two very determined ones. But do either really have a chance with her or her heart will always belong to Sir Trevor? Can this young regency woman ever find love again? I really enjoyed The Fair Amazon. It kept me reading from page to page totally caught up in the lives of these four people. Though some of her word usage gave me pause, I really liked her character development. You could see Trevor grow as the story moved forward, from a spoiled young man to a man worthy of love and his position. You watched the American Thomas go from a coarse colonial to a smooth English man, though in less time than it probably would have taken. Young Garrick, is that: very young, hasn’t even reached his majority yet, but he is determined to win his Fair Amazon and through the doing of it, he grows up a little bit also, He is definitely ready to take on the role of head of his family by the end of the story. All round, Janis Susan May has created a great read that lovers of Regency Romances will find a lot of fun in.


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