Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf by Eva Gordon
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Book Title: Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf
Author: Eva Gordon
Publisher: Vanilla Heart Publishing
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 935407
Pages: 289
Genre: Historical
Series: None
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sophisticated
Reviewer: Lindsay Townsend
Review Score: 5 Wings
Vivid and immediate, Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf by Eva Gordon opens in Frankland in AD825 in a dark wood. Chanteloup is the Alpha of his Lycan werewolf pack, concerned for his pregnant mate Elinor, one of the wolf-maidens. The pack can shift from wolf to human at full moon. As Alpha, Chanteloup can do so any time, as can Elinor. He returns to his home to find Elinor in labor with their child. Elinor has a daughter Emelisse, who is destined for greatness and also Lycan, although her mother dislikes this. (Frowned on by the medieval church, Lycans must be secret in their beliefs and shiftings.) The action moves to Scandia, where nineteen-year-old Sigurd is hoping to fight the Bear Men, mad shape-shifting Berserkers who butchered his family. A Lycan werewolf, Sigurd the Red is a rare red-pelted wolf and a mighty red-headed man. Intent on revenge against the Bear Men and waiting his chance, he goes Viking with humans. We now see an adult Emelisse, who is about to be betrothed to Radulf, a cruel man and Lycan whom she does not want. She publicly rejects Radulf, but the two packs want the betrothal. Emelisse, who also fears she is pregnant by Galien, a human, feels she has no choice but to leave her father and flee. Radulf pursues them and kills Galien. That act and her father’s refusal to free her from the betrothal makes Emelisse determined to leave the werewolf world. Her father agrees to help her protect her unborn child and leave the kingdom for a year. She goes to Lapurdum Abbey. Sadly, she loses the child and soon after the abby is attacked by Bear Men. Captured, she is rescued by Sigurd, who claims her as his true mate. In their escape from the Bear men Sigurd is injured and she rescues him. That is only the start of their adventures and their deep love for each other. Full of excitement and full-blooded action, Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf is a compelling, epic read that is also richly sensual. I believe lovers of historical romance and paranormal romance will both really enjoy this novel. I particularly found the Lycans and their alternative history, gods, magic and beliefs utterly fascinating. I know that ‘Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf’ will stay with me for a long time.


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