Love Comes Blindly by Phyllis Campbell
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Book Title: Love Comes Blindly
Author: Phyllis Campbell
Publisher: Champagne Books
Publication Date: July 2008
ISBN: 978-1-926681-20-7
Pages: 100
Genre: Historical
Series: None
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sophisticated
Reviewer: Lindsay Townsend
Review Score: 4 Wings
Love Comes Blindly opens in Scotland in 1854. Lord Gregory Fielding – Gregg – is an adventurer, coming to Scotland in pursuit of a story for his newspaper when he and his men are attacked by unknown assailants armed with a cannon. Madeline O’Neil is staying at the nearby Abbey of St Mary’s, trying to rebuild her life after a series of unfortunate choices in love. When the injured Gregg and his men are brought to the Abbey to be cared for, Maddie recognises him as her lost love. He does not recognise her because he is blinded by the cannon. Maddie resolves to help him but does not reveal herself: she is concerned he hates her because she wronged him so badly, three years earlier. The reader discovers that the ‘wrong’ Maddie did was to succumb to a mutual physical attraction she and Gregg shared. He was her first lover. To his credit, Gregg did offer her marriage but the young Maddie, not yet understanding her own heart, refused him and worse, claimed that her brother-in-law (whom she thought she loved) had also been her lover. Since then she and Greg have not seen each other. Now they are together. Maddie is his carer as Gregg is blind and injured. Maddie is now older and has matured since their first encounter. Understanding herself better now, she acknowledges to herself that she does love Gregg. Yet, given their past, can he forgive her? To spare them both pain and hoping that he might learn to like her and perhaps forgive her, Maddie claims she is a nun, Sister Mary. As Sister Mary she tends Gregg and inspires him to resume his life. As Gregg slowly recovers his sight he wishes to coax Mary, whom he admires, into loving him. The physical attraction between them is as it has always been, passionate and compelling. But what will his reaction be when he realises – as he surely must – that Sister Mary is also Maddie O’Neil? Love Comes Blindly is a touching, sexy story – P Campbell writes passion very eloquently indeed – and Gregg and Maddie’s final honesty with each other is very moving. There are one or two coincidences I found less than convincing but I am happy to give it 4 Wings.


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