Spotlight on Love by Regina Andrews
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Book Title: Spotlight on Love
Author: Regina Andrews
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Publication Date: September 2009
ISBN: 1-936000-43-1
Pages: 96
Genre: Historical
Series: None
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sensual
Reviewer: Melissa
Review Score: 4 Wings
Set during the early days of World War II, Emergency Room Nursing Supervisor Helen Middleton dreams of being a Broadway Singer. The Depression changed those dreams to a more practical one of being a nurse, the steady stipend helping to support her family. So she attended school and became the calm nurse that saved William ‘Red’ Williamson’s mother in the operating room. When Red caught sight of her the next morning, he knew in his heart that she was a dream to be gone after, not stopping until he had her. Hospital rules said they couldn’t see each other so she refused his advances. But a blind date made her live recklessly, as they couldn’t deny the growing passion. An offer of a position held for her in the next class of doctors provided hope – if she couldn’t sing, she could be the best medical provider she could be, even though she would never stack up to her younger sister, according to her mother. Then it happened, December 7th, 1942, Pearl Harbor was bombed, and the country was at war. Three things happened next in quick secession; A friend of hers and Red’s was shot down on his way back to Washington DC, his wife died of grief, and Red tried to break up with her. She refused, finding out he was part of an undercover operation for the government for the war effort. Then she was recruited to be part of the medical team to provide cover. Would the war and her new found independence separate the two of them, or bring them closer together? I really enjoyed Spotlight on Love. It was a very gripping tale of love and romance in the early stages of WWII. It made me stop and remember where I was when each of my country’s conflicts began in my life time as I read of the Christmas Pageant interrupted by the news of Pearl Harbor. A very emotionally written scene, Ms. Andrews’ talent for creating a scene so vivid in detail and emotion showing through very strongly. Red, a man of his time, really irritated this reader a couple times but in a good way being a true man of the 1940’s. He was a very protective man who didn’t always think before he acted in trying to keep Helen out of danger, or waiting for him when he might not come back. Helen’s love of her music and the spotlight being pushed aside for family, then war, was very much also something for a woman of her time. Her yearning to do something for the war effort, and being very upset at Red when he tried to think for her, made for a very real conflict between the two of them. Except for a misuse of pronouns in some areas of the story, I feel Ms. Andrews has a real winner in Spotlight of Love, and I be looking forward to more by her. I give this story 4 wings.


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