Loving a Lost Lord by Mary Jo Putney
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Book Title: Loving a Lost Lord
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Publisher: Kensington Zebra
Publication Date: July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0328-1
Pages: 340
Genre: Historical
Series: Lost Lords Series (Book 1)
Available In: Print
CRR Heat Level: Sophisticated
Reviewer: Stephanie
Review Score: 5 Wings
Mary Jo Putney crafts a sensual historical tale in Loving a Lost Lord. Vibrant and full of imagery, Loving a Lost Lord, captures the imagination and buries the reader completely in 1812 England. The story opens with Mariah Clarke and her father coming into possession of Hartley Manor near the Scottish border. Shortly thereafter, Mariah’s father disappears and she’s led to believe he was killed by highwaymen. Soon, the former owner of Hartley Manor, George Burke, begins harassing Mariah in the hopes of marrying her and getting his property back. Enter Adam. He washes up on Hartley’s shores, the victim of a ship explosion. Mariah cares for the exotic man and nurses him back to health. Adam has amnesia and Mariah tells him they’re married, giving him hope to spur on his recovery. As Adam heals, he chases Burke away from Hartley and slowly comes to believe he’s married to Mariah. Intimate caresses soon lead to more and Mariah and Adam make love after sharing an idealistic picnic. When Adam realizes Mariah was a virgin, Mariah tells him the truth. The next day, his friends arrive to tell him he’s a Duke. Can Adam forgive Mariah’s lies and give them a chance to find true happiness? The plot moves at the perfect clip with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. I thought the story was very creative and the author handled Adam’s amnesia with realism. Putney’s characters are rich and distinctive. Adam is half Indian and suffers from occasional intolerance. He’s a character readers can identify with. He’s loyal, steadfast, and true, and the amnesia tests every aspect of his being. Mariah expresses guilt and remorse for lying to Adam. She never meant to let her lie get out of hand, and she realizes it might have cost her true happiness with Adam. Putney paints a wonderful setting with a good economy of words. The story is “sophisticated” for CRR with lovemaking scenes that are tastefully done and celebrate Adam and Mariah’s love. Overall, Loving a Lost Lord, is an engaging story that demonstrates love overcomes all.


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