I Bid One American by Amy Corwin
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Book Title: I Bid One American
Author: Amy Corwin
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 1-60154-234-8
Pages: 292
Genre: Historical
Series: None
Available In: E-book and Print
CRR Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Frankie
Review Score: 4 Wings

Charlotte Haywood waits impatiently to come of age and into her fortune, so she can escape the British chill and follow her passion for archeology to the desert heat of Egypt.  Until then she must endure being passed on to yet another guardian, this time as the prize in a wager during a game of cards.  Fortunately, Charlotte is unaware of this unappy fact and finds herself in the first real home she has known in a long time. 

Nathaniel, the Duke of Peckham, seems to spend most of his time avoiding the manouevres of doting mama's and their aspiring offspring.  His cynicism, and self-declared misogynist tendencies, are the result of his desperate attempts to survive the relentless machinations of the status-obsessed ton.  Being the most eligible bachelor in town is proving his worst nightmare.  Charlotte's firmly declared indifference is intriguing, but his suspicions lead him to the conclusion that it is simply another ploy by the fairer sex to trap him into marriage.

Amy Corwin's I Bid One American is a delightful tale that winds through misunderstandings, murder and a little bit of mystery to a very satisfying conclusion.  Charlotte is a wonderful heroine - too tall, too American, too intelligent and definitely too outspoken, she hides a need to be accepted and loved behind a sharp wit and bold indifference.  Nathaniel's cynicism hides a heart that is sensitive, sensible and kind, and he has an ability to laugh at himself that makes him instantly likable.  It's easy to see why every woman is either determined or desperate to drag him to the alter.

While I pegged the "villian" early in the book and felt the suspense factor could have been explored and used more, I nevertheless enjoyed discovering just how they would be unmasked.  I loved the humour, the bright wit and sharp exchanges, and the slow transformations of the hero and heroine as they shed their protective armour and discovered their feelings.  The book captures the Regency era in a lively and lighthearted way, and the pace is nicely judged.  I Bid One American is a satisfying read, and Amy Corwin has produced a story that makes for easy and highly amusing reading.


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