Queen of Hearts by Phyllis Campbell
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Book Title: Queen of Hearts
Author: Phyllis Campbell
Publisher: Bookstrand Publishing
Publication Date: November 2009
ISBN: 1-60601-634-2
Pages: 215
Genre: Historical
Series: None
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Renee Wildes
Review Score: 4.5 Wings
Louisiana 1875...

Cecelia Ashby is a doctor forced to hide her gender and pose as Dr. Lee Copeland, a man, in order to see her patients. When a wounded gambler is brought to her, stabbed and robbed after winning a big pot, she tends to him. Her greater fear is that her ne’er-do-well little brother Hank might be the attacker. They’re in dire need of funds to pay the bank, in order to keep their failing plantation, but Hank wouldn’t kill someone to do it, would he?

All gambler James Lawrence wanted was to raise the money to buy back the plantation he grew up on from the Ashbys. Almost dying after some coward stabbed him in the back was not how he envisioned his night ending. The doc was a gifted healer, but James swears he’s hallucinating as the doc morphs back and forth into a beautiful young woman. He must be losing his mind.

Dr. Lee Copeland has sworn to save lives. Cecelia Ashby almost regrets it when she finds out what James Lawrence’s true intentions are. The low-down dirty snake’s out to steal her home – and put her brother in jail.

I found Queen of Hearts by Phyllis Campbell to be a fast enjoyable read, with fun characters, including a memorable saloon harlot, a too-nice sheriff and a thwarted suitor. The world-building was stellar. You could smell the horses and crushed sugarcane and sneeze at the dust on the streets. I totally sympathized with Cecelia’s predicament. Her can’t-be-in-two-places-at-one-time dilemma and the constant costume changes made me laugh, even as I chafed at the injustice of a woman being “inferior” to a man. James Lawrence was a great hero – very moral. The chemistry between the two of them was wonderfully electric.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and gladly give it 4.5 as a highly recommended read!

RE: Queen of Hearts by Phyllis Campbell
Written by: Phyllis Campbell
03 Mar 2010
What a great review!!  Thanks so much!

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