Hannah's Man
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Book Title: Hannah's Man
Author: Rita Hestand
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 192097279X
Pages: 226
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Travers Brothers
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sensual
Reviewer: Melissa
Review Score: 5 Wings
Rusty Travers is talked into a marriage of convenience to help save a woman’s ranch. She is the daughter of the man who rushed his mother to the hospital the night he was born. Hannah O’Leary needs a loan to save her ranch, as her father’s gambling debts have put the her home in jeopardy, and now that she is back from Las Vegas she wants to save the land her mother is buried on. She has a secret from her time in Vegas, and when Rusty rolls onto her ranch offering marriage and his champion breeding livestock as collateral for her loan, she is reluctant to say the least, but he is cowboy through and through and she really wants to save her land. Can she do it with out losing her heart? This reviewer really enjoyed this book; Rita Hestand is a wonderful and fun author. Rusty was reluctant at first when his family brought this debt of honour to marry the daughter of the man who saved his life and help save their ranch, but he finally agrees and heads straight to Hannah’s town. He pulls onto her ranch in the middle of the night, and is met by two women with rifles. He comes off high-handed at first in dealing with Hannah, and she is very defensive and standoffish. Both are nursing hurt hearts and secrets but, as they work together and learn the other’s strengths, they form a friendship that helps both to grow. Through the soul searing kisses that they can’t seem to stop sharing, before long that friendship grows into even more. I loved this book, it was a very easy read and a fun story line. I give Hannah’s Man a solid 5 wings.


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