Just Believe by Anne Manning
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Book Title: Just Believe
Author: Anne Manning
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Publication Date: May 2009
ISBN: 1-58608-633-2
Pages: 202
Genre: Fantasy
Series: None
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sophisticated
Reviewer: Pam S
Review Score: 5 Wings
After a startling call from her mother, tabloid reporter Annabelle Tinker finds herself rushing to visit her sister Erin in the psychiatric ward. Erin claims that her boyfriend, Lucas, vanished into thin air, abducted by aliens. After hearing her sister’s story, Annabelle tries to soothe her by stating that she will investigate the disappearance of Lucas, knowing that he will turn up sooner or later. Her investigation lands her right in the path of Gaelen. Gaelen Riley, University professor of Celtic lit, spends most of his time to himself, buried in his books, trying to forget his true faerie nature. Now he has been called by the Council for a formal meeting to discuss some pressing matters. His brother has made it on to the list as topic number three. Lucas has gone and committed a major transgression in the faerie world. He’s fallen in love with a mortal woman, a felony punishable by banishment. It was up to Gaelen to save him and Annabelle Tinker was the key. As Gaelen and Annabelle are caught up in locating Lucas, watching over Erin, and dealing with a vengeful pixie, they find themselves in danger of breaking the rule that got them into this mess in the first place: a fairy and mortal can’t fall in love. Together they will take on the fairy establishment, a perverted fairy king, and the High Councillor to save Erin and Lucas, and their chance for love. Just Believe by Anne Manning is a wonderfully written story filed with enchantment and beauty. It takes you on a journey of romance and magic, suspense and conflict, each page coming to life. The characters are charming and memorable, and the love they share touching. There are humorous moments and teary-eyed moments: this tale contains it all. Anne Manning is a talented writer whom I hope to read more of. She is sure to make a believer out of anyone that true love is worth fighting for.


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