Dawn of a Viking Sunrise by Tami Dee
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Book Title: Dawn of a Viking Sunrise
Author: Tami Dee
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Publication Date: 1 January 2010
ISBN: 1-936000-37-7
Pages: N/A
Genre: Time Travel
Series: Book 2, Mists of Time Series
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sophisticated
Reviewer: Stephanie
Review Score: 5 Wings
Dee pens an exciting sequel to Under a Viking Moon with Dawn of a Viking Sunrise. Kat's best friend, Rosie Chan, and her cousin, Singlee, are accidently sent back through time and face challenges that will test their courage, faith, and the power of love. The novel opens in 2009 with Rosie looking for the time traveling pendants. She has one. She's unexpectedly attacked by her archeology professor, Fisher, who has the other. Rosie and Fisher travel through time fighting over the pendants until they are stranded in 904 A.D. Scotland. Rosie meets Leif's brother, uber alpha male, Davyn, who quickly claims Rosie for his own. Then he uses the pendants to travel to Rosie's time where he meets Singlee. The police are looking for Rosie concerning the missing pendants. Davyn tries to go back to his time and Singlee is sucked into the vortex with him; only Singlee is sent to 904 China. When Rosie learns Singlee might be in China, she's furious with Davyn. Can the couple harness the power of love and put aside their differences to save Singlee?
Dee's writing is thrilling. The beginning engages the reader with an exciting chase between Rosie and Fisher. The plot is solid, filled with unexpected twists and turns. The dialogue always stays consistent to the times. The characters are full of complexities. Rosie is a girl who learns how to embrace change. She feels everything passionately, be it love or anger. In that regard, she has to learn to find a middle ground as her anger over Singlee's plight causes trouble between her and Davyn. Davyn also has to learn to find middle ground. When he discovers Rosie in a neighboring Laird's dungeon, he softens and gives Rosie the benefit of the doubt, which was refreshing to see. Singlee also grows, as he take his father's advice about "the old ways" to heart. The novel is sophisticated for CRR readers with a sensual love scene between Rosie and Davyn. Dawn of a Viking Sunrise is a heart pounding story filled with suspense, excitement, and love in the Mists of Time Series.


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