First Impressions by Michelle Sutton
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Book Title: First Impressions
Author: Michelle Sutton
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Publication Date: Jan 2010
ISBN: 978-1-936000-67-8
Pages: N/A
Genre: Inspirational
Series: Book 1, Tombstone Treasures
Available In: E-book
CRR Heat Level: Sensual
Reviewer: Stephanie
Review Score: 4.5 Wings

Sutton crafts a gritty inspirational romance with First Impressions. Both Sammie and Jimmy are haunted by tragedic pasts. When they meet as character actors in Tombstone, Arizona, the sparks fly, but is their connection more than physical? The novel opens with Sammie getting used to her character as a saloon girl in Tombstone. Sammie used to be an awkward teenager, but has grown into a very pretty woman with a career as an Army Captain. Enter Jimmy. The handsome man plays a cowboy as a character actor. When he bumps into Sammie, the chemistry between them could ignite a fire, and they begin to date. While the couple can barely tame their combustible energy, their past demons come back to haunt them as they get to know each other. Sammie's lack of confidence growing up has led her to the military. Jimmy's had to go through losing both his parents. Sammie and Jimmy have to come together on an emotional level, which might be a challenge. Can they overcome their baggage and accept the love the Lord has offered them?

Sutton's writing is fluid and immediately pulls the reader in Sammie and Jimmy's world. The plot is tight. Sutton's dialogue feels very natural to the characters. Her characters shine. Both Sammie and Jimmy are full of complexities, but it's Sammie who really grows in the novel as she discovers the Lord's word. Jimmy also grows – as he learns to accept Sammie for what she is – active military. Watching these characters evolve was a delight. If anything, I would have liked to have seen Sammie's career as an Army officer explored just a tad deeper than what it was. Sutton descriptions are very vivid, painting a rich picture of her characters and Tombstone. The novel is "sensual" for CRR readers with several heavy kisses and caresses. Overall, First Impressions is a romance that will stir the reader's heart.

RE: First Impressions by Michelle Sutton
Written by: Tracy
23 Nov 2010

SephB just did a guest review of this same book on my blog and she found that the romance between Sammie and Jimmy was “combustible”. ;-)

You can read her review here:


RE: First Impressions by Michelle Sutton
Written by: P.I. Barrington
23 Mar 2010
Great review! This is a great story!

RE: First Impressions by Michelle Sutton
Written by: Michelle Sutton
23 Mar 2010
Thanks for the review!

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