CRR Publishing
CRR Publishing launches officially on 7th April 2010 as part of Classic Romance Revival’s ongoing commitment to “classic romance”, and will operate as an entirely separate entity. Membership of Classic Romance Revival does not qualify an author for automatic acceptance of any work for publication - all submissions will be judged, and accepted or rejected, on the merits of the book alone.
What this effectively means is that Classic Romance Revival, which includes Classic Promotions and CRR Reviews, will continue to function as a group working to promote the “classic” romance genre within the industry as a whole.
CRR Publishing will therefore become an “Affiliate Member” of Classic Romance Revival in order to enjoy the promotion, advertising, review and marketing opportunities offered by the group alongside all other authors and publishers.
CRR Publishing will also register with Classic Romance Revival in order to list our books for sale on the CRR site.  For now, CRR Publishing will operate as a sub-domain of Classic Romance Revival, though an independent website is planned for the future.  

CRR Publishing is a full service, royalty-paying publisher and not a subsidy or vanity press. Authors will not be required to pay fees for covers or editing.   We do, however, encourage our authors to participate fully in the promotion and marketing of their work – there really is no substitute for building an individual brand name and a following of readers!  We also have a stringent editing process, which includes both creative and line edits, before a book is released for publication.
Submissions are now openWe do accept multiple submissions, provided that this is divulged at time of submission, and CRR Publishing apprised on the status of the work with other publishers.  Please take time to read through the all the information before submitting your work to us.