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The woman Rowan has captured says she loves him. 
Does he dare to trust again.  
Professional Reviews: "This is adventure of the highest order..."
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Welcome to Classic Romance Revival Reviews!

Our aim is to provide reviews that professionally reflect the sweet/sensual/sophisticated books available and which adhere to a high standard.  Please note that neither Classic Romance Revival nor our reviewers receive financial compensation for reviews.  All reviews are submitted on a volunteer basis and reflect the honest, professional and objective opinion of the reviewer.

We encourage authors and publishers to make use of the reviews listed on our site for promotional purposes. Note:  Our reviewers work hard to produce reviews that are balanced, objective and professional.  For this reason we request that you always provide a link to the full review when promoting as omitting parts of a review may result in misrepresentation and an unbalanced, and therefore confusing or inaccurate summation of your work.  Using snippets from a review is acceptable, providing the link to the original is included, but posting an entire review with one or two lines missing is not.  If we find this has happened, the review will be pulled from our database.  Thank you for assisting us to maintain a high standard of literary reviews.

All reviews require that the Classic Romance Revival categories of sweet, sensual or sophisticated be stated. That aside, our ratings follow the conventional rating system used by all recognised reviewers. But, for the sake of clarity, here are a few points that our reviewers follow, and a quick interpretation of ratings.

Plot – is it engaging, cohesive and coherent?
Characters – are they believable, well-developed and effectively portrayed?
Writing style – is this appropriate to the book as a whole and is it coherent?

Rating 1 – The characters and / or plot lacked substance, or the book as a whole fell short of accepted standards.
Rating 2 – Marginally better, but still short of accepted standards.
Rating 3 – A reasonable book, but could have been improved in a number of ways.
Rating 4 - A good read, meeting most standards but with one or two significant weaknesses.
Rating 5 – An excellent read, and any weaknesses were minor and did not diminish the standard of the work as a whole.

Please note, “halves” may be used to indicate relativity on the rating scale.

Revival Reviewer’s Choice – this is a rare accolade and only given to exceptional books. Briefly, it’s about the closest to a perfect book you’ll ever find!

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Once the secrets are revealed, will Helena marry the Duke or her former fiancé?