1. Who/what inspires you?

Children, most of all, and their talent to create new imaginary worlds from scratch. They are not only my source of inspiration here but to some extent my mentors. Children teach me how to look at the world from a different point of view and show by personal example that we should never ever give up. I am also thankful to my family for their patience and support. They are a cornerstone of my life. If talking about something besides my family members and friends, I`d say books. I adore reading and can stay up all night to finish a novel that interests me. In a year or two, I will need a new bigger house with enough room for all the books I`ve got. I read every day no matter what kind of mood I am in and wherever I am.

2. Any plans for adult books?

Never say never but no specific plans so far. I have plenty of ideas for my stories for children and I am eager to bring them to life. Besides, I believe there are quite a few excellent books for grown-ups but the selection of books for kids is not that huge.

3. Can a blog be of the same value as books?

That`s a very painful question for some people. My answer is it definitely can. Blogs offer a completely different quality of presenting information. They give you what you need here and now. Books are meant for slow thoughtful reading and most of the blogs can be skimmed and still useful. It doesn`t make them worse.

4. Don’t children irritate you? How do you manage to communicate with them all the time?

Probably, that`s not a skill you can acquire. You either like kids or not. Nobody says you have to, by the way. I do enjoy working with children, helping them learn how this world is organized. But such work always keeps you on the edge. You need to be patient and responsible and creative. It`s a lot of fun if you like it. If not I am sure you can find your vocation.