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Join stephanie Burkhart to celebrate the Be Mused Anthology
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1st to 3rd of April!

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1st Tuesday of every month - Classic Romance Revival Readers' Loop

Pets enrich our lives - and our stories, Critters can be heroic, funny, or just plain exasperating but never boring! They set up all kinds of potential for interactions with people - and characters. Whether you be reader or author, come share your favorite pet stories. Authors, please share excerpts of where critters brought two characters together.

IT'S A CRITTER Celebration! No shapeshifters, please...


2nd Wednesday of every month -  Classic Romance Revival Readers' Loop

Love cowboys? Who doesn't! Come join Cheryl Pierson here on Classic Romance Revival on the second Wednesday of every month for our Wild Western Wednesdays! We'll be talking about everything western. Books, writing, history and anything else that comes to mind. Got a new western release? Bring it on! Contemporary or historical, we want to hear your version of how the west was won! Our first Wild Western Wednesday will be happening on September 9, but it won't be the same if you're not there with us. Come join the fun!

FANTASY FRIDAY! with Renee Wildes

Last Friday of every month -  Classic Romance Revival Readers' Loop

LOTR to Mercedes Lackey. Fairytales to Nightmares. Catharine Asaro to Sarah Zettel. What IS it about fantasy that's so compelling to read...and write? Is it the pure escape from reality? Good-triumphs-over-evil? Readers, come share your favorite movies, books, authors. Authors, share your tales of fantasy and imagination. Blurbs and excerpts welcome. All fantasy genres (high to urban) welcome.