The Cupid Diaries: Moments in Time
A Romance Anthology
Classic Romance Revival Authors
    Judah Raine
    Lindsay Townsend
    Phoebe Matthews
    LK Hunsaker
    Sandra Sookoo
    Jamie Hill
    Stephanie Burkhart
    Barri Bryan
    Celia Yeary
    Jana Richards
    Phoebe Matthews
    Maggi Andersen
    Danielle Thorne
    Nicole Zoltack

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Price:  $2.99
E-book ISBN:  978-0-9869722-0-1
Released:  February 2010
Cover Art:  Judah Raine
Short Stories Included:
The Uninvited - Judah Raine
Sometimes, when least expected, love will simply ignore the past and invite itself in

Asphodel - Lindsay Townsend
In a harsh, barren future, can love beat genetics?

Toward the Sky - LK Hunsaker
Daws returns to NYC from a funeral to find a burst of new life in the guise of a rain-drenched love-scorned ball of fire

A Fish Out Of Water - Maggi Andersen
Jenny is fresh from the country, and her handsome and sophisticated boss, Joss Darrien makes her feel like a fish out of water
Alakar's Lover - Phoebe Matthews
Try A Pinch of Magic

The Way to a Man't Heart - Jana Richards
The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but Katie's cooking is a big roadblock for the man she loves

A Squire's Love - Nicole Zoltack
In his quest to become a knight, Leo must overcome the ice dragon and family disapproval… and rescue the maiden who steals his heart
According To Jane - Danielle Thorne
After a plane crash, Adam, Liz, and Benji must come to terms with the struggle to survive and  natural instincts. Their only help is a collection of Jane Austen stories
Royal Pretender - Stephanie Burkhart
A Royal Pretender seeks the hand of the beautiful, melancholy Caroline of Ansbach but can he win her heart despite his disguise?
Light of Day - Jamie Hill
Sarah Carlson falls for the charms of a hitchhiker one stormy night, but discovers things often look different in the light of day
Absence of Dragons - Sandra Sookoo
To win at love, sometimes you don't need to conquer a dragon
For the Love of Lily - Celia Yeary
Can a pretty professor and a football jock compromise, all the the sake of love?
What Goes Around - Barri Bryan
Jason Fredricks is about to learn the true meaning of the old adage that says "What Goes Round Comes Around"
Hometown Hearts - Jana Richards
Everything Jamie ever wanted is in the last place she thought she'd find it
The Sweetest Boyfriend - Phoebe Matthews
All’s Fair in Love
Beyond the Blue - Judah Raine
There's no escaping the forever kind of love

The Cupid Diaries
"Forever Love"
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Thrown together by a common threat to their planet, then torn apart by an evil greater than any they could have imagined, can Vidarh save the lovely Nifl woman who has captivated him, before it is too late?